World Class Enterprise Content Management System (ECM)

Alfresco is the world’s leading Enterprise Content Management System

Affordable | Scalable | Efficient | Compliant

Alfresco is the solution and alternative for Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM). While content has been growing tremendously at an average of 100% per annum, growth of content management systems has been slow.

With Alfresco, the game has changed.

Alfresco offers a comparatively low cost, easy to adopt and easy to use ECM solution for any type of organization regardless of size and nature of business.

Alfresco offers document management using familiar interfaces to get rapid user adoption built on a repository that offers transparent, out-of-sight services for full ECM.

Virtual File System – Replace shared drives and offer the same interface

Email-Like Rules – Configure plug-in rules to automate manual processing and offer out-of-sight compliance

Google-like Search – Search directly from Firefox or IE7

Yahoo-like Browsing – Automatic meta-data extraction and categorization

SmartSpaces – Best practice collaboration spaces

Transparent Lifecycle support

Streamlining Records and Document Management – Supports organizations in streamlining their records and document management systems and programmes, in whatever the format – paper or electronic, to enhance professionalism aimed at achieving efficiency and economy in line with the organizations aims, objectives and strategy.

Digitising records helps preserve originals and enable easy secure access to enterprise content

Governance, Retention and Compliance

Driven by a need to comply with stricter legislation and a desire to show greater levels of corporate transparency and responsibility companies are turning to technology to help ensure compliance with corporate rules and procedures. RM solutions help capture, control and manage vital corporate information, much of which resides in business documents, emails, financial reports etc.

Certified to the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) 5015.02 standard, and the ISO standard ISO 15489-1:2001 the Alfresco RM module provides all of the functionality needed to help any organization capture, classify, control and dispose of a wide range of corporate records.

Zero footprint client approach provides for the capture of new records from a variety of simple to use interfaces. Adopting industry standards removes the need to install local client applications on an individual’s Computer

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