Who uses Alfresco ECM?

Alfresco is playing a critical role in organizing enterprise records in public and private sector

A wide range of organizations and business ranging from private sector to public, non-governmental and multinationals have adopted Alfresco ECM as their solution to manage enterprise content and collaborate.

Academia: Universities, Colleges and Schools including chartered, private and public. Examples: University of Wits – SA, The New York Philharmonic, Havard Business School, and Edmonton Public Schools

Government: Ministries, Public Agencies, Public Hospitals, and Cooperatives, Security & Law enforcement, Immigration. Examples: USA Department of Defense DOD, USA Navy, Rwanda – Ministry of Education, Ministry of Local Gvt, Rwamagana District

Corporate: Private Businesses and Multinationals, Financial service. Examples: JP Morgan Chase & Co. (USA), Miller, Unilever Limited (Kenya), ECMN Limited (Rwanda), MedImpact, LaFarge, DAB BANK

Manufacturing: Mining, Processing and industrial companies Examples: Michelin, SCANIA, Tech Mahindra,

Communications: Public Relations firms, Advertising firms and related. Examples: SBS, BT, iMinds, FOX, EuroStar

Tour & Travel firms: Hospitality, Hotel Chains, Holiday firms. Examples: GuinnetCounty, Dorfman Pacific, DCNS, CARLSON REZIDOR Hotel

Research: Investigation organizations, Engineering, Health, Medicine, Agriculture etc. Examples: NASA Langley Research Center, National Academy of Sciences, WWARN, United Celebral Palsy

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Who uses Alfresco ECM?
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