Why Alfresco ECM Rocks

Alfresco is the solution and alternative for Enterprise Content Management Systems (ECM). While content has been growing tremendously at an average of 100% per annum, growth of content management systems has been slow. With Alfresco, the game has changed. Alfresco offers a comparatively low cost, easy to adopt and easy to use ECM solution for […]

Who is using Koha

More than 1000 libraries are using Koha, including academic, public, school and special libraries, in Africa, Australia, Canada, USA, France, India and, of course, New Zealand. Along with a committed team of programmers its development is steered by a growing community of libraries collaborating to achieve their technology Some Libraries Using Koha ILS AfricaBujumbura – […]

Why Choose Koha ILS

I have been asked many times why many Libraries especially, academic and public, are moving to Koha Integrated Library System. It is difficult to give a clear answer because different libraries have different needs and requirements. However from a general perspective, Koha has many capabilities that make it rock. Originally created in New Zealand by […]

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