BPA Systems

Point of Sale (POS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are core to our Business Process Automation (BPA) services.

We have taken our time to test and evaluate the existing Open-source systems available and know precisely that although one system might be perfect for one organization, it may be a spectacular fail for another!

Trust us on this, it all depends on the organization’s structure, policies and processes.

The range of Business Process Automation Software implementation solutions we offer include: VFront, Open Source Point of Sale,   Blue ERP,

Front Accounting, Web ERP, Phreedom, Alfresco, Open Bravo and Open ERP. Open source software is the future of enterprise management. However, the right technical support is inevitable.

Because most open-source software is available under GNU License and Creative Commons, Busara Core Solutions has developed capacity and experience sufficient to tailor the system to organizational needs and requirements without compromising on security, stability and scalability.

Your company’s overall workflow can only be improved when your processes are created and managed as a whole. Our processes enable your team to become more efficient, reduce human error, gain clarity regarding job roles and responsibilities, and adapt quickly to changes in your market. It’s how you optimize your business’ performance. Sound business process management allows your company to flourish.

Library and Records Management Automation are our major specializations
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