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Busara Core Solution specializes in a wide range of Information Systems Development, Deployment, Training, Support and Maintenance. These are our Key products and services

Koha ILS is the World’s number one Library Integrated Management System. Apart from being Open Source and a Community developed and owned software, it was built for the modern library by modern library technologists … Read More

Alfresco Enterprise Content Management System is distributed under two major streams: Proprietary Enterprise version and Community version. Alfresco is the leading ECM solution for managing Content, documents and workflows … Read More 

Dspace was originally developed by MIT and Sun Microsystems for MIT but its now a fully fledged Open source project. The software is the leading platform for deploying Digital Institutional Repositories … Read More

OpenEMR automates Medical Records and Medical Information Management. Open EMR has been adopted around the world by medical institutions especially hospitals both Public and Private to streamline medical information management.

Open EMR facilitates medical history sharing and patient data management securely and confidentially because data is encrypted at database level and web access level … Read More 

If you are building multiple information databases, you will encounter the challenge of having to search multiple databases separately quite challenging and hectic.

Vufind aggregates indexes making searching possible from a single interface … Find out More

E-Prints is an open source platform for developing open repositories for institutions and organizations that want to provide open and remote access to their publications and other digital assets. It is a scalable system and has been adopted by academic, governmental and non-government organizations from across the world … Find out more

Moodle is a ‘Community driven, globally supported’ and the world’s most popular learning platform. With hundreds of millions of users worldwide in over 190 countries, more organisations have chosen moodle to support their education and training needs than any other platform around the world

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With Piwik, now called Matomo, the philosophy around data ownership is simple, you own your data, no one else. Matomo enables you to be in control of your data by giving you visibility to your data access and usage.

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